What Type of Hockey Tape Is Right for You?

What Type of Hockey Tape Is Right for You?

Posted by Christopher Brace on

Hockey sticks are the pride and joy of all hockey players, and taping yours up is one of the best ways to feel comfortable on the ice and distinguish yourself with a cool design. There are endless ways to tape a hockey stick, but customization starts with choosing the best options available. At TapeDash, we offer plenty of choices, and we'll help you learn how to determine which tape can outfit your stick the best.

Your Tape of Choice Should Be the Most Comfortable

At the end of the day, taping is all about being comfortable. Whatever makes you feel better on the ice is the option you should go with. There is no frequency for how often you should tape the stick, with butt-ends and shafts rarely needing to be re-taped once you find the perfect configuration. Feel free to change colors and tape lengths and try intriguing variations that separate your stick from the rest. Just do whatever makes you feel the best out there on the battlefield.

Cloth Hockey Tape

Cloth hockey tape comes in a variety of colors and is the most common option you'll find. There are plenty of available brands, and cloth tape can be used on any part of the hockey stick with a concentration on the stick grip and the hockey stick blade. Configure your tape however you'd like, as some players prefer to rip their tape while others enjoy layering. While the color choice is strictly up to you, some players prefer black cloth because it's a bit stickier and can hide the puck better than the others. 

Grip Tape

Grip tape isn't sticky but comes with various textures for a stronger grip. Grip tape is usually used to tape knobs and provide strength and protection for gloves and hands. Also known as friction tape, grip tape is often color coordinated with cloth tape and is extremely popular with NHL players. There are also plenty of options on the market, but having quality grip tape — like the ones offered at TapeDash — ensures your gloves and performance are top-notch.

Shin Pad, Friction, and Other Tape Types

Shin pad tape is also known as polyurethane tape and isn't always used on sticks, although it's sometimes used to add some depth to knobs or protect shafts from chipping and damage. Electrical tape mostly comes in black and white and is a thinner alternative to grip shin pad tape. Pro-wrap tape is usually used for wrists and other joints but can be used to thicken your grip and add a sponge-like feel. 

Tape Jobs

Maximize your tape with cool tape jobs that combine eye-opening designs with the benefits of stronger and more comfortable grips. "The Sock" covers the entire blade with white tape, only fit for the best and most intricate tape users. The "Candy Cane" is one of the more popular tape jobs, with plenty of players preferring to order sticks without grips to create their own candy cane design after purchase. Some players also tape the edges of their blades to help protect the blade and help it last longer, while others prefer not to have as much drag while on the ice.  

Complement Your Skills With High-Quality Hockey Tape

If you demand products like the pros, your blade needs high-quality tape from TapeDash. We offer all types of tape, including cloth hockey tape and shin pad tape, and our monthly subscription service provides tape for young guns just getting started or professionals looking to enhance their game. Contact us today and explore our collection and create the perfect tape job for your stick! Live out your dreams and create comfortable and legendary tape jobs like Bobby Orr or Alexander Ovechkin.