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Hockey Stick Grip Tape Is Available Now Throughout North America

When it comes to hockey stick tape, it’s best to have the highest-quality kind available — and with the help of TapeDash, shipments of it can be sent straight to your door. We know how important controlling a hockey stick is to players’ performance, and we're dedicated to ensuring players have the hockey tape they need to excel during their games. Additionally, we only offer durable hockey tape that’s guaranteed to provide superior longevity and performance while you’re on the ice.

Having greater control over your hockey stick is possible with the help of our trusted grip tape!

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Renfrew StretchRap Grip Tape

Available in white, black, blue, or red, the Renfrew StrechRap grip tape proves to be a valuable asset in the rink. Hockey players can utilize this special tape to make their own custom grips on their sticks, among other sports equipment. Part of the reason why StretchRap is so effective as hockey stick grip tape is because of its incredible flexibility and the ability to offer players superior comfort during a match. Plus, our tape doesn’t leave behind any annoying residue when removed from the stick!

Renfrew Pro-Blade Black Friction Tape

Another high-quality grip tape we supply is primarily applied to the handles and blades of hockey sticks. Renfrew Pro-Blade Black Friction Tape is created by using an advanced adhesive formula and a base made with a cotton cloth. As a result, this hockey stick grip tape provides players with better control over their stick and the puck. In addition, the Pro-Blade offers greater protection from both abrasions and moisture, helping your hockey stick survive intense gameplay.

How to Apply Hockey Stick Grip Tape

Unsure of how to apply grip tape to your hockey stick? There are actually multiple methods of wrapping it. In many cases, players will wrap the hockey tape across the blade, starting at the heel, and working their way down the front side and onto the back side. However, the number of grip tape wraps can vary by player preference, as some may experience extra drag between the stick and the ice if too much is used. Some may wrap a strip of tape along the length of the stick’s blade so that it still provides improved puck control.

We Offer More Than Just Hockey Stick Grip Tape

Cloth Tape

Shin Pad Tape

Blade Tape

Handle Tape

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If you need regular shipments of hockey stick grip tape in North America, you can always count on TapeDash. Whether you’re a beginner to hockey, a casual player, or a seasoned professional on a team, you can rely on our subscription services to receive the gear you need to succeed. With TapeDash on your side, you’ll never have to worry about running out of grip tape again!

Have a question about our high-quality grip tape? Feel free to contact us today for more information and to start your subscription.

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