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Best Hockey Shin Pad Tape in the United States

Spectators may not see it from the crowd, but many hockey players wrap clear tape around their socks before the start of the game. Rolls of hockey tape are a common sight in many locker rooms — and yet, it’s used so often that players can quickly run out if they don’t replenish their supply. However, you don’t need to worry about hockey tape shortages when using TapeDash as a supplier. We offer the best hockey shin pad tape that is trusted by countless players for its durability and can be routinely sent to your home with our subscription services!

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Renfrew Clear Shin Pad Tape

If you’re looking for the best hockey shin pad tape around, you can always count on Renfrew. The Renfrew hockey shin guard tape available with our subscription box service is among the best tape available for hockey players, whether they’re professional or casual. It’s designed to be as flexible as possible without sacrificing durability. You can trust that the Renfrew hockey shin guard tape will serve you well during a match, no matter how intense the rink gets.

How to Apply Shin Pad Tape

Looking for tips on how to apply shin pad sock tape before you head out on the rink? Fortunately, there are multiple ways it can be done. Generally, players will wrap two loops of hockey tape around each sock underneath their knees and unravel it in such a way so that they can overlap the tape and make a complete loop. However, the methods can differ in the direction the shin pad sock tape is wrapped. Some prefer straight lines around the socks, while others prefer more diagonal lines. Regardless of how you apply it, the best hockey shin pad tape will always keep your socks secure!

Benefits of Shin Pad Tape

Anyone who has been in a hockey rink for a game can tell you that having clear shin pad tape wrapped around their socks can make a world of difference — but why is that? The primary reason you’ll see hockey players wrapping tape around their socks is that it helps hold their protective shin guards in place during the action. Should the guard fall off or reposition, it can leave players vulnerable to serious injuries. While some have used velcro or belts to hold the guards in place, shin pad tape has proven to be a more effective and reliable method of securing them.

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Whenever you need a reliable roll of hockey shin pad tape to keep your guards secure, you can always count on TapeDash’s shipment services. We’re dedicated to helping hockey players get the gear they need to give it their all on the rink. For more information on the best hockey shin pad tape around, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

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