Hockey Stick Blade Tape in the United States 

Looking to up your game on the ice? Then try our hockey stick blade tape! At TapeDash, we deliver high-quality blade tape to hockey players throughout the United States. With the help of our subscription service, you’ll always have reliable deliveries of high-quality hockey tape sent directly to your doorstep!

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Renfrew Black Friction Pro-Blade Tape

When you purchase blade tape, it’s best to go with a product that’s been specially designed for use with composite hockey sticks — and that’s exactly why Renfrew Pro-Blade Tape was created. The black friction blade tape from Renfrew offers advanced friction technology taking the performance of players to the next level. Not only does the hockey tape help protect the stick from abrasion and moisture, but also has increased longevity compared to other inferior tapes currently on the market. With Renfrew Pro-Blade wrapped around your hockey stick, you’ll be able to feel the difference when it matters most!

How to Apply Hockey Stick Blade Tape

Having trouble applying blade tape to your stick? Luckily, there are multiple methods of wrapping hockey stick blade tape. You can begin by applying the tape to the heel and then to the front of the blade. Afterward, wind the hockey tape across the front side and then down the back side. It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t apply more tape on top of an already existing tape job — otherwise, you’ll weigh it down. Similarly, some hockey players may prefer only a single tape strip along the blade, as it won’t cause any friction between the stick and the ice.

The Benefits of Hockey Blade Tape

Wrapping tape around the blade of your hockey stick offers a number of advantages. For starters, the durability of white cloth blade tape can help protect the hockey stick from damage after repeatedly striking pucks. Speaking of hockey pucks, the additional friction provided by the tape makes it easier to receive passes from teammates and control your shots during a game. With the help of hockey stick blade tape, you’ll be able to achieve a greater level of sway over the puck throughout the entire game!

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Whenever You Need Blade Tape for Hockey Sticks, Call TapeDash

No matter if you’re a beginner holding a hockey stick for the first time or a seasoned player with years under your belt, having regular shipments of blade tape from TapeDash will make your life easier. We recognize how important high-quality gear can be for players and are dedicated to supplying superior hockey tape so they can be at their very best. Whether you’re practicing, playing a casual game with friends, or in the middle of a big match, our hockey tape is designed to give maximum performance on the ice!

To learn more about our high-quality hockey stick blade tape, don’t hesitate to give TapeDash a call and start your subscription!