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Application: Stick handles and blades

Specially designed for today's composite hockey sticks, Pro‐Blade™ XT Black Cloth Tape from Renfrew Pro™ incorporates an advanced adhesive formulation applied to a polyester/cotton cloth base, resulting in a more substantial cloth tape with increased wear characteristics.

Pro‐Blade™ XT features extra adhesive to last long on your stick.

Advanced Features

  • Protects sticks from abrasion
  • Helps with puck control
  • Moisture resistant
  • Improves grip on handle

Dimensions: 24mm x 25M (15/16" x 27.34 yards)

*Made in Renfrew, Ontario, Canada

Why We’re the Best Athletic Tape Company

As the best hockey stick tape company in North America, you can trust TapeDash to supply the highest quality tape available. Our products utilize advanced adhesive formulation to ensure players have access to reliable hockey tape to up their game. Plus, we offer tape in a wide range of color options so everyone can find the hue to match their team colors or personal style. You can never go wrong with products from a hockey tape manufacturer like TapeDash!

A Reliable Hockey Blade Tape Manufacturer

When you wrap up your hockey sticks before a big match, not just any tape will do. Your hockey stick is an invaluable partner on the ice, and the more chipped and damaged it becomes, the closer it comes to retirement. As one of the top hockey blade tape manufacturers, we specially design our hockey tape for use with composite hockey sticks so it will provide the best abrasion protection possible.

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